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(hed) PE, Jeffrey Nothing show recap Aug 31, 2012

Moshing Militia Productions

(hed) PE, Jeffrey Nothing show

Aug 31, 2012

Louisville Ky. Diamonds Pub

Just the sheer thought of this lineup sends chills down my spine. The Boom Box Poets, Rezidue, Elephant Room, Jeffrey Nothing, and (hed) PE. Do you think this sounds like a sick line up? You bet your ass it was. In fact, you should go punish yourself right now if you missed it. This lineup mixed with a couple of beers and some good old-fashioned slam dancing made for a rather interesting night.
First up were The Boom Box Poets. These three gentlemen stepped out on stage and proceeded to spit some of the most original lyrics I have heard from the 502 Scene in quite a while. They had the crowd's attention and people were responding well to them. These guys had a mellow sound, almost reminding me of the band Rehab a little bit. If you get a chance check them out, you won't be disappointed.
Now, the next two bands I have to say didn't get much attention from me tonight. The reason being I was trying to get a (hed) PE interview for you guys. I did however manage to catch Jeffrey Nothing's set and it was epic as ever. J. No has such a commanding stage persona that he just controls the room with his haunting voice floating through the room. He opened the show with one of my favorites Eyes of the Righteous and it sounded great. The Nothing part of this show also featured a new element to the band as they had added paint and costumes to the show to create a unique and spooky looking performance.
Last but not least brings us to the headliners: (hed) PE. As I mentioned I was outside trying to get an interview with them earlier. I thought I had it locked in, I had spoken to them via Facebook and even a tour manager on the day of the show. Everyone was on board but at the last minute it was canceled. Moving on, they put on a hell of a show. They were able to rile the pit up into a punk frenzy and everyone had a great time. Now would be a good time to point out to you guys and girls in the pit on how good you made moshing look. You guys were there for each other when you fell and it went exactly as it should. That was a classic example of why moshing is positive.
That is about it for now, but I would like to comment on the venue Diamonds on Barrett Ave. You guys run a great establishment, the prices are fair and the environment is warm. The security did an amazing job of dealing with assholes in the pit but still allowing the crowd to do its thing. I would strongly recommend you all visit this place especially if you enjoy a good game of pool. Look for us to post from Scarefest in Lexington, KY in September and from The World Famous Mushroomhead Halloween show in October, until then take care.

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